Accessing the Internet outside of NPS – Internet Explorer


If you are taking an NPS laptop to a conference or meeting and need to access the Internet outside of Norman Public Schools you need to follow these instructions. Using Firefox as your browser, click on this link for detailed instructions. Internet Access outside of NPS - Firefox


Login local account

Test logging in with the local account prior to leaving the district. If it has not been added you will need to do this while connected to the NPS network with protection turned off on your UDT-XP Laptop.

Power on your laptop and when you see “waiting for network connection” press ESC

User name    nps    this is case sensitive and it is lower case, caps lock must be off

Password      a password has not been set it is blank

Click            OK


Access wireless network out-of-district location

Start - > Settings- > Network Connections - > Wireless Network Connection

Right click on Wireless Network Connection           

View Available Wireless Networks

Click on the wireless network you wish to connect to and follow the prompts.


We can’t provide support for out-of-district connections our focus is to provide in district support.

Check with your Hotel or Convention center for instructions on how to access their wireless network (WIFI).


NPS proxy settings

Open Internet Explorer.

Click on Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections-> LAN Settings

Click on box next to – Automatically detect settings

Then Click ok.

Your (LAN) Settings box should look like this.

Click OK to close (LAN) Settings.

Click OK to close Internet Options.

You can now surf the web at your out-of-district location. Since protection is on when your restart the laptop the proxy settings will automatically return after a restart or shutdown.

Happy surfing ;-)