NPS School Boundaries

This page displays a map of Norman, Oklahoma with attendance boundaries for elementary schools in the Norman Public School district. A large (5400 x 3600 pixel) version of the NPS boundary map is available as a 428 KB PNG graphic image or as a 788 KB PDF printable document.

Map Notes:

  • The map key showing the elementary school to middle school to high school progression for each elementary school is in the lower right corner of the map shown below and in the color-coded table shown on the right.

  • The Truman (North) and Truman (South) zones are spearated by Main Street and advance students to different middle schools. Both zones send students to Truman Primary School (Pre-Kindergarten thru Grade 2) and to Truman Elementary School (Grades 3-5). Click here for links to more NPS schools and departments.

  • Some school boundaries (e.g., Cleveland and Jackson) include multiple geographic areas.

Use the PNG and PDF links above or click on the map below for a large version of the map.   (It may take the map a moment to download over slower Internet connections.)

 Jackson Alcott Norman
 Truman (South)
 Kennedy Irving
 Eisenhower Longfellow Norman
 Adams Whittier
 Truman (North)

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