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Studio Theatre - Black Box - Multi-Purpose Room
Audio Equipment and Video Considerations
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The following are listed in top-to-bottom order as they are mounted in the equipment rack:

ETA PD8L Conditioned Power Distribution Unit

Denon DN-T625 CD/Cassette Combination Deck

TOA 900 MK2 Series Mixer Pre-Amplifier

    Note: Audio input to this component is through four (4) XLR jacks on the floor of the theatre, one in the center of each wall.
  • Datasheet (4 page PDF)
  • Owner's Manual (11 page PDF)

QSC CX302 Power Amplifier

EAW MK2164e Loudspeakers

    Note: These are generally mounted in the cat-walk of the Studio Theatre, but there are also four jacks on the floor of the theatre (one in the center of each wall, adjacent to the XLR audio jacks) where they can be attached. The speakers and jacks use Neutrik NL2FC "push-twist" connectors.
  • Mechanical Sheet (1 page PDF)
  • Owner's Manual (8 page PDF)

Video Considerations

  • Currently in the Studio Theatre we use a stand-alone video projector and a 9' x 9' screen mounted on the East wall. For some presentations, for example detailed web pages, this screen is not large enough for the size of the room, especially when the audience is farther than 25 feet away. (The room is approximately 40' x 40').
  • We strongly recommend that the whiteboard be mounted on the East wall because the main entrance to the room is on the opposite (West) wall. Anyone coming and going during a presentation would create a more serious distraction if the screen were anywhere else.
  • Please note: currently the base of the screen is approximately 8.5 feet above the floor (clearing the doors of a storage closet beneath it). We find that this height allows all in the room easily to see over the heads of others without uncomfortable neck strain.
  • A 2200 ANSI Lumens projector provides ample illumination in the space provided room lights (or stage lights) are adjusted so they do not spill onto the screen. Also, there is no lighting control on the floor of the Studio Theatre; one must go either to the light booth or to the Theatre Manager's office in the lobby to turn room lights on or off.


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