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  • The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) commissioned the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) to administer the federal Universal Service Funds (USF) which provide communities across the country with affordable telecommunication services. The Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism - commonly called E-Rate* (or Educational Rate) - allows most schools and libraries in the United States to obtain discounted Internet access and telephone services. The Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) is the branch of the USAC that oversees USF/E-Rate funds for qualifying schools and libraries.

    * Educational Rate (or Education rate) is abbreviated and capitalized differently by various government agencies and, less frequently, by individuals within the same agency. The FCC seems to prefer E-Rate or e-rate while the SLD splits the difference by typically using E-rate. You may also see eRate used occasionally by those - and other - organizations.

    Note: Some of the menu items below link to documents in the Microsoft Word (DOC) or Adobe Reader (PDF) formats.

    For Our Service Providers, Vendors, & Bidders

    E-Rate RFPs
    NPS Requests For Proposal (RFPs) and ammendments for Universal Service Fund (E-Rate) are posted on the NPS Purchasing web site along with other district RFPs.

    Doing Business With Norman Public Schools
    Become an NPS vendor

    NPS Building Count for OUSF (PDF)
    A site-by-site listing of the number of NPS buildings which offer both instruction and Internet access for students.

    SLD Links

    New to E-Rate?

    Here's a list of steps to bring new applicants up to speed on the E-Rate process. The links below open in a new browser window or tab. When finished reading, close that window or tab to return to this page and proceed to the next step.

  • Read the E-Rate Overview (very general).
  • Print the SLD Application Process Flow Chart.
  • Print the NPS E-Rate Applicant Timeline.
  • Reference the flow chart and timeline as you read the E-Rate application steps. You can click on each step on that page to read more details.
  • After you have a basic understanding of the process from the links above, you may want to view some or all of the 6 hours of 2006 SLD E-Rate Training Presentations courtesy of Florida's Panhandle Area Educational Consortium.
  • Use the links to the left to learn more.
  • Search the SLD web site or the Internet using Google SafeSearch the SLD web site or the Internet using SafeSearch blocks explicit and adult content

    This is the official web site for the Schools and Libraries Division of the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC). In addition to offering the latest news about program changes and form deadlines this site also links to many of the SLD resources below.

    SLD - Reference Area
    Information the SLD provides about the E-rate program. If you are new to E-Rate, I recommend the E-Rate Overview. The Eligible Services section offers the definitive references on eligibility of sites, services, and equipment. Recommendation: Using the terminology and descriptions from this list in funding requests and support materials might help avoid some eligibility questions (and requests for additional support materials) later.

    SLD - Training
    The SLD offers a training site where you can 'practice' online filing.

    SLD - WebEx Presentations
    Recorded and live WebEx sessions on key SLD topics.

    SLD - Tip sheets
    Tips and do's & don'ts for E-Rate and Technology Plans.

    SLD - Search Tools
    Tools to assist Schools and Libraries Program participants in applying for discounts, tracking disbursements, and obtaining other frequently requested information. This section includes the Deadlines Tool, the Data Retrieval Tool, the Advanced Search Tool, and several other tools and links. AOI: Don't overlook the handy Google seach bar we've provided at the top of this SLD section that allows you to search the SLD web site.

    SLD - Eligible Services List
    This is the official E-Rate eligibility list for services and equipment. It is divided into four sections. Priority 1 funding requests include Telecommunications Services and Internet Access which have received funding every year. Priority 2 funding requests include Internal Connections and Miscellaneous items. Only the the most financially disadvantaged schools and libraries receive Priority 2 funding. The Eligible Services Framework provides overview of E-Rate eligibility for products and services. The SLD also offers a FAQ which answers some of the more common eligibility questions. You can get a sneek peek at the draft version of the 2011 ESL on the E-Rate Central web site and on the FCC web site.

    SLD - How to Apply
    Step-by-step procedure for the E-Rate application process including expectations for technology plans and how to file FCC forms. The SLD also offers a printable flow chart of the application process in PDF format.

    SLD - Forms & Instructions
    Printable (PDF) copies of FCC Forms 470, 471, 472, 479, 486 & 500 and the instructions for completeing the forms. You should always check the SLD web site for the most current E-Rate forms and instructions. If the SLD forms page is temporarily unavailable you might also check E-Rate Central's Forms Rack. But, keep in mind, it's your responsibility to ensure you are using the latest forms!

    SLD - Apply Online
    File FCC Forms 470, 471, and 486 online

    Automated Search of Commitments
    Use this tool to search for funding commitment information by Funding Year (FY), wave number, state, and/or applicant name

    SLD - Contact Info / Questions
    The SLD will answer questions via email or telephone:

  • Submit A Question using the SLD online form to receive a response via email.
  • Call the SLD Client Service Bureau at 1-888-203-8100. This is an automated help menu. If none of the prepared answers address your concerns you can request a "call back" or press 0 to speak with a representative.

    Ancillary E-Rate Links

    This is the official web site for the Universal Service Administrative Company. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) designated the USAC as the administrator of the federal Universal Service Fund (USF). The USAC is the parent organization of the Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) who oversees the USF for schools and libraries.

    The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) - includes free & reduced lunch statistics (dated 1-2 years). Schools need an NCES code to file a Form 471. Libraries need an FSCS code.

    • NPS - NCES data for Norman Public Schools
    • Schools - Search for Schools (NCES)
    • Libraries - Search for Libraries (FSCS)

    The Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) was signed into law on December 21, 2000. Schools (and Libraries?) applying for USF reimbursements must certify compliance with CIPA.

    • SLD - CIPA Requirements for E-Rate
    • E-Rate Central - CIPA Resources
    • ALA - CIPA info for libraries
    • IFEA - counterpoints (against Internet filters)

    E-Rate Help & Info Links

    E-Rate Central
    Lots of good E-Rate info maintained by and for the Sate E-Rate Coordinators Alliance (SECA).

    E-Rate Wiki
    An E-Rate "wiki" hosted by Wesley Fryer, Director of Education Advocacy (PK-20) for AT&T Oklahoma

    NY E-Rate Resources
    New York State E-Rate Resource Area   (provided by E-Rate Central)

    US DoE   (dated)
    US Dept of Education archive of E-Rate information. Click here to see another US DoE web page on E-Rate. Both are useful for an overview but both are dated.

    CA DoE   (dated)
    E-Rate info provided by the California State Department of Education. Some info is specfic to California but much is useful to others as well.

    OUSF Links

    OUSF allows credit for each instructional (classroom) building to augment USF reimbursements for Internet access - including WAN/data services. The monthly rate per building prior to 5/1/11 is $246. Buildings installed after 5/1/11 receive $390 credit.

    Oklahoma Universal Service Fund (OUSF) Menu
    OUSF Information provided by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC)

    OneNet OUSF Info
    OneNet (the official ISP for Oklahoma government & education) provides copies of some OUSF forms and documents.

    The National Exchange Carrier Association (NECA) administers the state universal service programs for Oklahoma and some other states

    NPS Building Count for OUSF (PDF)
    A site-by-site listing of the number of NPS buildings which offer both instruction and Internet access for students.

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